Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hynix Plans and Progress Update

Hynix 2010 sustainability report for the UN has an interesting update on the company CIS activity (page 40):

"Since August 2009, Hynix has been supplying 300K and 2-megapixel CMOS Image Sensors for Korean cell phone users. Due to the extraordinarily favorable response and feedback from customers, the number of cell phone models adopting Hynix’s CMOS Image Sensor is expected to grow continuously. In February 2009, Hynix began developing 1.3-megapixel CMOS Image Sensors from design stage to quality assurance. The company also laid the foundation for the stable supply of high-quality CMOS Image Sensors by securing more than 90 percent of the 300K-pixel market and 85 percent of the 2-megapixel market based on yield rates. In November 2009, Hynix also completed a roadmap for organization and integrated design so as to reduce inefficiency which resulted in the separate development of products by Hynix, SiliconFile, and Hynix Semiconductor America Inc.’s research center. This has led to more effective project management and an optimal design process, which is expected to increase the company’s development capabilities. Hynix aims to develop 5- and 8- megapixel products using the world’s smallest 1.4-micron pixel and is currently developing a back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor and ultra-fine pixel with the goal of entering the DSLR and hybrid camera market in 2011. In the future, Hynix will enhance its position in the CMOS Image Sensor market even further by expanding the scope of its target markets and diversifying applications based on strengthened capabilities."

So, while not clearly written, it appears that Hynix is going to enter DSLR sensor market with BSI sensor having small pixel pitch - this might be an interesting product.

Another interesting observation is that Hynix lists Siliconfile as its subsidiary (page 15). Together with apparent integration of Siliconfile design in the Hynix plans, it looks like Siliconfile is completely absorbed by Hynix.


  1. Hynix is an interesting company.
    They spun off Magna Chip and now they are back in the game?
    I guess twice is better ...

  2. Well it doen't hurt when the Korean government is basically propping you up.


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