Friday, August 27, 2010

Omnivision Reports Quarterly Results

PR-Newswire: Omnivision reported financial results for the fiscal Q1 2010, ended July 31, 2010. Revenues for the quarter were $193.1M, as compared to $157.2M in the previous quarter, and $105.6M in the quarter a year ago. Gross margin for the last quarter was 26.9% as compared to 24.9% a quarter ago and 22.4% a year ago. The sequential increase in gross margin reflected an improvement in product mix resulting from a substantial increase in 5MP sensor revenues.

The company expects next revenues will be in the range of $220M to $240M.


  1. Whose pie was and is being eaten? Aptina or Samsung?

  2. How do you conclude that a competitor is losing business based on this announcement?

  3. Last trend chart I saw was that the pie was getting larger...

  4. OV's turn to have the 15mins. We all know that at the end of the day when Samsung come up with BSI, everyone in mobile space will be crushed. It is moot who owns the mobile segment. It will become commodity like DRAM very soon. Like it or not if OV and Aptina wants to survive they better think about a merger.


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