Sunday, August 15, 2010

Himax Imaging Starts CMOS Sensors Shipments

Global Newswire: In its Q2 2010 results Himax provided an update on its image sensor business progress:

"In our CMOS image sensor product line, on top of shipment for handsets, we started small volume shipments of notebook PC applications to one of the world's top notebook brands. The adoption by this world-class brand validates our product and technology competitiveness. With the sampling of our next generation CMOS image sensors, we are on track to be awarded with more design-in projects for a wider range of customers."

Last time Himax reported shipping small volumes of commercial image sensors was in February 2010. I'm not sure what has changed since then.


  1. Hurray! A new blog entry...

    (It was getting kind of quiet for several days there.)

  2. watch out! it's going to be the next OV.


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