Monday, August 23, 2010

Varioptic Raises 2M€

Varioptic announced that it has raised an additional 2M€ from its current investors PolyTechnos and Iris Capital "to expand its leading global market position".

Varioptic’s autofocus liquid lenses are used in devices ranging from bar code readers, machine vision instruments, security cameras to medical dental cameras. More than 200 000 lenses have been already sold to customers. With the additional finances available Varioptic will increase its customer portfolio in the industrial and professional cameras.


  1. in this field, 200 000 lenses are nothing !
    Let's calculate : 40M euros for 200 000, so each lens costs 40M/200000 = 200 euros ...

  2. I visited this company more than 10 years ago in France. 200,000 sold in 10 years and can still raise money?

  3. It is no easy task to get existing investors to produce more cash. The mystery to me is that 2M euros does not seem like much money for a company in limited production. Certainly the funds cannot last more than half a year.
    So, I wonder what their longer term plan is.

  4. I guess that with this "small" money, they will fold their activity on professional nich market where the production expense is not that high. For me, it's a wonderful technology, but badly managed to this disaster ...


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