Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sony Announces New CCDs for Effio Security Platform

Sony CX-News Vol. 61 has an announcement of 1/3-inch ICX672AKA/ICX673AKA (NTSC/PAL) CCDs. The CCDs have 960 pixels horizontal effective resolution (960H sensors) intended for use in "Effio" platform. The sensors are dubbed "EXview HAD CCD II" and improve light efficiency by including near infrared light region as a basic structure of Sony's "EXview HAD CCD". They realize sensitivity of 1000mV (typ) or more per 1 μm2 (Color: F5.6/BW: F8 in 1 s accumulation equivalent).

NTSC ICX672AKA pixel size is rectangular 5 x 7.4, while PAL version ICX673AKA has 5 x 6.26 pixels.

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  1. does it mean that 5.6x5.6um2 pixel will give 31 V/lux*s ?

    thanks !


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