Monday, August 23, 2010

TYZX 3D Camera Uses Aptina WVGA Sensors

MarketWire: TYZX is another 3D depth-sensing company utilizing a passive stereo approach combined with extensive image processing. The company announced that its new DeepSea XD series of long-range stereo vision cameras rely on a pair of Aptina WVGA imagers. The series uses 40º, 62º, or 80º horizontal field-of-view lenses and covers a range of distances from 21cm to 128m.

Incidentally, both Primesense and TYZX, the two companies pursuing stereo approach to extract distance map, rely on Aptina sensors, albeit on different part numbers.


  1. this system can use any image sensor ...

  2. Do the "eybrows"-like caps have any special meaning?

  3. PrimeSense does not use a stereo approach...
    They are using a modified "structured light" approach.

  4. Primesense depth sensing is based on position difference between the structured light projector and a sensor. Essentially, this works as a stereo base in TYZX camera. Sometimes this is called "active stereo" technique, while TYZX is "passive stereo".

  5. But PrimeSense is till using stereo at least for correspondance between their monochrome VGA AND color VGA (color correspondence) but not for depth calculation.


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