Friday, May 31, 2013

Gesture Recognition Middleware News

One revolution that Leap Motion did is produced a lot of press to the short range gesture recognition for computer control. A few other companies presented their own versions of short range user interface middleware.

Here is Lubek, Germany-based Gestigon video:

Here is Erlangen, Germany-based Metrilus demo video:

Here is video from Israel-based Omek Interactive's Grasp product, specially optimized for close range gestures:

And here is one of the recent videos from Leap Motion:


  1. And then there were the dozens of entries in Intel's Perceptual Computing contest, Phase I. Phase II under way:

  2. Intel also announced a full hand skeleton for the PerC Camera:

  3. One thing is sure. All these guys know how to market well. Too bad these things only work in the adds. I have played with most of these systems and they are all light years away from simple touch screen experience. Sad but true.


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