Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chipworks Tears Down New Kinect Camera

Chipworks publishes a teardown report of the new Kinect camera, including ToF sensor and illuminator pictures:

Laser diodes

"There seems to be something else going on though, since we have three laser diodes, and the filters over them are patterned with what looks like a grid; maybe the diodes are toggled in sequence, and a grid is projected, to help in the motion detection part of the system."

ToF camera board
ToF camera disassembled


  1. Interesting is the filters above the diodes but what about the front cover (glass) ink? It must be very transmissive in IR. Any ideas how and who make that ink?

  2. Using HOEs to create phase shift patterns? ... Phase shift, first described by Thomas Young in 1799...Each of the lasers creates one of the 3 patterns in a series which is used to generate phase shift 3D imaging.

  3. From my experience with Canesta, the element in front of the laser only manage intensity distribution. I don't think there is phase shift.


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