Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sony Announces Industrial BSI CMOS Sensor

Sony announces 2.5um BSI-pixel based CMOS sensor for industrial applications, the IMX124LQT. Its sensitivity is said to improved by ~2.7 times over the existing FSI 2.5┬Ám pixel in the older IMX036LQR sensor. It looks like this sensitivity advantage is achieved at quite large aperture, while smaller apertures show almost no BSI benefit:

The new sensor has 3.21MP resolution and can deliver 1080p60 video. The ADC has 12b resolution and its gain can be controlled in 51db range by 0.1db increments.


  1. Rolling shutter & color version only for industrial apps? Surveillance / security cams seems more appropriate to me.

  2. How comes it's more sensitive at low f#?

    1. Because the acceptance angle of the microlenses is wider with the BSI structure. At higher f-numbers, the cone of the rays coming from the back of the lens is narrower so the wider acceptance angle is not as important.

    2. It does not explain why the BSI sensor is more sensitive at low f# than it is at high f#, at best it should be flat. It is more sensitive to marginal rays?


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