Tuesday, September 06, 2016

ULIS Launches Mass Market 80x80 Pixel Thermal Sensor

ALA News: ULIS launches 80x80 pixel Micro80 Gen2 thermal sensor aimed at large-volume applications. It features novel packaging solutions by being the first Ball Grid Array (BGA) infrared sensor box packaged in a JEDEC tray. It is designed using a Unique Wafer Level Packaging (UWLP) with vacuum technology; this allows it to support optical fields of up to 120°. It is the first infrared sensor with a unique plastic lens holder, eliminating the need for the user to develop its own, thus saving time and lowering costs.

The new Micro80 Gen2 consumes less than 55mW. This further extends the battery life and the operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C), while being more compact and lighter than earlier models. It supports a broad spectrum of frame rates (from 1Hz to 50 Hz) and allows vision up to 150 meters.

These new and improved features of the Micro80 Gen2 address the needs of large-volume production processes. This means that it is not only ideal for the small-resolution thermography and short-distance surveillance markets, but can also open up new industries for ULIS,” said Cyrille Trouilleau, product manager at ULIS. “The introduction of these novel characteristics is the first step towards the widespread use of thermal sensors in smart building management systems.

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