Wednesday, September 14, 2016

VR and AR Industry Report, 2016-2020

ResearchInChina releases "Global and China VR and AR Industry Report, 2016-2020." Some predictions:

"VR, which provides immersive closed-loop experience, can only be used to a limited extent due to the size and weight of head-mounted devices, and will still be the main force of the market before consumer-grade AR products are achieved in the aspects of technology and prices of hardware. However, it is expected AR hardware and technology will be fully mature and quickly capture VR market in 2019 because of its wide applicability in business market. Hence, global VR/AR market will reach USD970 million and USD500 million in 2016 and USD30 billion and USD90.8 billion in 2020, respectively."

AR Trends:
  • Fusion of AR technology and 3D visualization technology and projection technology brings about disruptive changes to navigation;
  • Seamless docking between data visualization and users’ wearable devices;
  • Gesture interaction becomes more mature; the relationship between human and technology will be redefined; human body language will interact well with technology products;
  • Smart showroom, smart tourism, and AR theme park will develop or be presented before target audiences on the original basis;
  • Intelligent glasses will be the mainstream trend of AR hardware, bracing the upcoming era of “de-cellphone-ization”;
  • AR software will be more oriented toward consumer groups, growing daily in the aspects of shopping, entertainment, and education.


  1. Looks AR is the future...

    1. and typical AR glasses include more image sensors than typical VR ones.

  2. 90B market in 4 years... 120B combined... that's the Power in PowerPoint. They don't even bother with the three scenarios. Just get straight to the Point!

  3. ahahah! this buzz around AR should stop at some point. Let's face the reality: it is no going to be needed by mainstream people, even in developed countries. It will be at the best like the buzz around the Apple Watch... by the way, do you guys have seen many people wearing the Apple Watch around you? I predict AR devices will follow similar limited success curves in the next 5 years...

  4. One should understand that AR/VR is not for entertainment only. This comparison with a smartwatch is pointless.


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