Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nvidia on Key Issues in Automotive Imaging

Image Sensors Auto US publishes an interview with Nvidia imaging architect Joshua Wise. Few points from the interview:

Q: What are the key standards issues need to be addressed as components get more complex and diverse?

Joshua Wise: There are two that are top on my list right now. The first that comes to mind is safety and compliance: an important issue in the automotive environment is the ability to self-diagnose issues. In short, the system must “know when it doesn’t know”. As more components enter the ecosystem, there is more opportunity for data to be damaged in transit — and, similarly, more components result in more health data that must be aggregated and transmitted.

The second on my list is the need for a standard in transmitting data with a high dynamic range. There are as many implementations of sending pixels with greater than 12 bits of data as there are vendors right now — perhaps even more! We’ve been working with vendors to come up with solutions that work with both modern and legacy components, but we see an opportunity to unify and standardize here.

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