Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Apple Presents iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

Techcrunch: As expected, Apple officially presents iPhone 7 Plus with dual rear camera with optical zoom: one lens handles 1x zoom, the other handles 2x:

Apple is using two cameras to create a shallow DOF, DSLR quality bokeh, and depth map of image:

The depth enabled features will come later this year as part of a free update — sounds like it wont be available at launch.

Meanwhile, the smaller iPhone 7 comes with a single OIS 12MP camera featuring a new 40% faster image sensor and an Apple-designed ISP:

For each 12MP photo, iPhone ISP performs 100 billion operations in 25ms:

Update: KTVU publishes the camera part of Apple presentation:


  1. Congratulations to Ziv Attar and the LinX team for their great achievement. What was shown at the keynote looked very promising.

    Personally, I had hoped that we would see some synergies with the AR work from Metaio also in this release, but perhaps that will be saved for the 7s.

  2. Hope the camera will perform well on iPhone 7.
    Upgrading iPhone 5 to iOS 10 simply crippled the camera with AF and significant lag during Photo preview.

  3. AF done using ToF could alleviate AP overhead.

  4. The current dual cameras from Apple has nothing to do with LinX Imaging. These have more in common with CorePhotonics approach

    1. So you know what the LinX team has been doing since they were acquired by Apple?

    2. Enjoying life because they got a lot of money from Apple ....

  5. Even assuming that the LinX team has been doing this dual camera after they were acquired by Apple, it is nothing more than an implementation of CorePhotonics approach. Your sarcasm cannot hide the facts that from a timeline point of view, CorePhotonics had this approach before the LnX team was acquired. I am sure someone somewhere is sharpening their patents :)

  6. linx IP covers multi sensors with field of view variance and is from 2011 and its a granted application.

    Corephotonis started filling in 2014. Thats 3 years later. I dont think core photoics was founded before 2014.

    my guess is that apple did their homework before buying and that they can sell the dual cameras as they like.


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