Thursday, September 22, 2016

Softkinetic Announces World's Smallest ToF Camera Module for Mobile

PRNewswire: SoftKinetic announces the DepthSense 541, said to be the world's smallest 3D ToF camera created for mobile platforms.

"Mobile technology innovation, combined with increased consumer expectations, has created a heightened demand for 3D vision innovation in handheld devices and wearables," said Eric Krzeslo, CMO and co-founder of SoftKinetic. "The rise of location-based augmented reality games requires 3D technology at a smaller footprint, with increased sophistication and capability. SoftKinetic has led innovation in ToF technology and we're excited to continue offer the best 3D depth sensing hardware and software solutions for a wide variety of platforms."

SoftKinetic's DS541 is based on the latest DepthSense ToF architecture and features:

  • 10ยต pixel, ¼ inch sensor with micro lenses for highest depth resolution
  • HDR sensor for both outdoor operation and extra close depth capture
  • MIPI interface for lowest latency
  • Innovative lens design for smallest form factor and highest efficiency

The DS541 is currently available for sample, with mass production planned in Q3 2017.

Allied Market Research forecasts the global 3D camera market to reach $10.8 billion by 2021, led by significant embedded adoption in the mobile space, particularly around media and entertainment applications:

3D Camera Market Revenue by Technology, 2014 & 2021


  1. What is the resolution of this ToF camera module? and Which ToF sensor does it use?

  2. Any details about the size? what is small?

  3. Hi, can anyone recommend any reliable depth map algorithms which can produce fairly accurate depth maps from single greyscale images? I am working with monochrome images acquired from a single line scan image sensor moving over a surface. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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