Friday, October 21, 2016

ON Semi Powers Light's Multi-Aperture Camera

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor helps Silicon Valley start-up Light providing its image sensors for L16 multi-aperture camera. Through close collaboration with Light, ON Semiconductor supplies specially customized sensor devices, based on its 1/3.2-inch format AR1335 CMOS sensor product. With up to 10 sensor devices capturing image data simultaneously, Light's L16 camera is supposed to deliver an impressive 52MP resolution, plus over 5X optical zoom without any degradation in image quality.

Meanwhile, Light publishes some info on calibration and alignment of its 16-sensor camera:

"A camera that has one optical path worries less about what is “true” or “real” because there is only one truth, one reality. This reality can be objectively tested and optimized, but it requires adjusting only one path.

A multi-aperture camera with sixteen optical paths (apertures + mirrors + sensors) contends with sixteen realities. In order to merge those realities to create one truth (final image), the camera needs to know precisely where each optical path is relative to the others.

In Light’s Palo Alto office, we’ve been using a specially-designed calibration box to “teach” each L16 prototype where all of its optical paths are relative to the others and relative to the world it will capture. This allows the sixteen paths to behave as one - maintaining the same consistency as a camera with only one optical path.

Light L16 calibration box

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