Monday, October 24, 2016

Framos Compares ON Semi Automotive Sensors

Framos publishes EMVA 1288 comparison of ON Semi older AR0132 and new BSI AR0136 automotive HDR CMOS sensors, both are 1.2MP and 3.75um pixel:


  1. seems 80dB DR to me: 17.3Ke full well over 1.73e noise = 10k ~ 80dB

    1. I think the read noise and full well capacity are measured at different gain settings. In order to achieve 1.7 e- read noise, the gain may need to be pretty high (20x - 30x), lowering the saturation electron count. The dynamic range maybe referring to the 1x gain condition, which gives a read noise at 1x gain of 8.3 e- (wait, what?).

  2. What is the advantage in this case? It seems that BSI bring very little improvement.


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