Monday, October 31, 2016

ST CEO on ToF Business

SeekingAlpha: ST CEO Carlo Bozotti updates on the company's ToF sensor business: "We had a very strong sequential increase in sales due to the success of our new specialized image sensors based on our proprietary Time-of-Flight technology. In fact, we are seeing strong momentum globally. During the third quarter, we were present in 11 new smartphones, including a new product in flagship phones launched on the market. In addition in Q3, the imaging product division turned to profit. Q3 we are profitable on our imaging business. It is all new products. It's new technologies. Has nothing to do with what we had in the past. That has been completely removed. And it's a part of a strategy of the company because we want to be a big sensor company. Today the run rate that we have in sensors is already above $1 billion and we want to keep going. It's all good products. It's very important for many applications from smartphones to IoT to automobile. It is an important part of the strategy of the company. Of course, this specialty in the sensors I think is a lot of new technologies that we have developed.


  1. How come the $1B sensor run rate doesn't show up as a bigger portion in CIS market share?

  2. I think he was talking about sensors as a whole, not only image sensors.


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