Monday, October 03, 2016

Axcelis to Supply Highest Energy Implanter to Image Sensor Foundry

PRNewswire: Axcelis has received its first order for the Purion VXE, a new extended energy range model of Purion XE high energy implanter. The new system delivers the highest energy range in the Purion platform. The customer plans to use the 300mm Purion VXE to support R&D for image sensors in the mobile and IoT markets. The system is scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter.

John Aldeborgh, EVP, customer operations, commented, "We're excited about the opportunity to provide this new model of the Purion XE platform to support the burgeoning image sensors and power device markets. The Purion EXE™ and VXE, provide the highest energy levels available in a production implanter, to perform ultra-high energy implants, with extremely precise and deep doping profiles."

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  1. What is the maximum implant energy please??


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