Saturday, October 29, 2016

Caeleste News

Caeleste is nominated for the Deloitte 2016 50 fastest growing Belgian tech companies list. Made in Mechelen web site quotes the company CEO Patrick Henckes (Google translation):

"We have indeed grown in recent years with a prudent rate of 30 to 80% per year. We have an excellent reputation in the very specific niche market of image sensors, a sector in which Flanders has acquired a leading position on the world stage. Of ten firms active in our market, there are three in Flanders.

Our customers are top companies themselves, who want to make their products want to be better than the competitors and for this purpose a sensor to measure, giving it inspected all the existing sensors. We call it beyond state of the art . Something that already exists, we will not make it. Our customers are also distributed worldwide, we have to 9 am conference calls with Japan and at 6 pm conference calls with California. And our customers are in many diverse fields: aerospace (ESA), astronomy, nuclear physics, engineering, microscopy and many other scientific applications, medical applications such as DNA sequencing, edm ... You come to us all against top research areas in the world.

Caeleste announces its two oncoming papers to be presented at CNES Image Sensor Workshop to be held on Nov. 26-27 in Toulouse, France:

"Caeleste will present its radiation hardened design data base as well as the effects of radiation on image sensors realized in that technology. We will focus especially on the differences in behavior between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

The blue dots and circles show the effect of ionizing radiation on dark signal, while the red dots and circles are the effects of non-ionizing radiation (electrons in this case). The difference in behavior between the photodiode itself and the sense node will also be explained.

Caeleste will also present its new pixel combining photon counting for low light condition with charge integration for high flux situations.

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