Monday, October 24, 2016

e2v Launches Improved GS Sensors

e2v has launches Emerald family of CMOS sensors featuring what is claimed to be the world’s smallest true global shutter pixel available on the market today (2.8µm). The DSNU of the new sensors is 10 times improved compared to other e2v CMOS products. This allows cameras to perform better in high temperatures and enables long exposures to be used in low-light applications such as microscopes or outdoor cameras for surveillance, speed and traffic applications.

e2v’s Emerald family comprises a 16MP (4096 x 4096 pixels), which is the first to be released, a 12MP (4096 x 3072 pixels) and a 8MP (4096 x 2160 pixels). These high resolution formats are a world first and include a one inch optical format, which can be interfaced with a compact C Mount lens.

Gareth Powell, Marketing Manager for Professional Imaging at e2v, said, “Our new Emerald sensors use advanced CMOS image process technology and pixel design to offer a low noise global shutter pixel, with an electro-optical performance tuned to meet the demanding requirements of the machine vision industry. The sensors deliver Quantum Efficiency of more than 65 %, a full well capacity of over 7ke, a typical temporal noise of 4e- and a new low-noise mode to offer typically around 2e-.

The whole Emerald family features the same pixel, processing, readout structures and ceramic Land Grid Array (LGA) package to simplify integration, helping to lower development costs for camera makers. The new products have dedicated embedded features including HDR modes, 8/10/12 bit ADCs, high speed outputs (60fps at 10 bits, full 16MP resolution), and a number of power saving modes.

e2v publishes a Youtube video on Emerald features:


  1. Great achievement ! I guess that they have used FD as memory node and using digital CDS with on-chip DRAM.

  2. What is FD kind of storage?

  3. Hello,

    Indeed, nice specs.

    Anyone could help me understanding the choice of an LGA packaging for an Image sensor ?



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