Tuesday, November 13, 2018

AIT Uses Dynamic Vision Sensor in Panoramic Scanner

Austrian Institute of Technology presents its version of DVS - Dynamic Vision Sensor:

"Unlike conventional image sensors the chip has no pixel readout clock but signals the detected changes instantaneously. This information is signalled as so-called “events” that contain the information of the responding pixels x-y addresses (address-event) in the imager array and the associated timestamp via a synchronous timed addressevent-representation (TAER) interface. The sensor can produce two types of events for each pixel: “On”-events for a relative increase in light intensity and “Off”-events for a relative decrease (see diagram)."

AIT also makes a 360deg 3D scanner with its DVS sensor:

Thanks to TL for the links!


  1. Fraunhofer? Or is there still someone else working in 0.35?

    1. Some google-fu reveals: https://www.ffg.at/getdownload.php?id=4716
      which on p77 claims "0,35µm AMS"

  2. This sensor chip was presented 11 years ago(!)

  3. And the 360deg scanners: 5/3 years ago:

  4. On the AIT booth at Vision show they had a demo with the linescan DVS camera to inspect the dimond particles on a saw wire. Looked like a useful application. To me it seems that DVS is still looking for the right applications... Does anybody know if DVS cameras are already in broader use somewhere - and if yes, in what areas?


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