Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Espros ToF Face ID Module

Espros November 2018 Newsletter shows the company's ToF module for face recognition in smartphones:

"The USPs of the epc660 chip - very high NIR sensitivity (>80% @ 850nm) as well as the capability of suppressing strong ambient light in the charge domain - make it in a favorite choice for miniaturized mobile applications. High sensitivity means saving battery power and allows eye-safe operation due to fact that the active illumination can be designed to be less powerful. Ambient light acceptance is a key factor and a challenge for devices although they are used outdoor in a full sunlight environment.

The slim bare-die chip-scale package with an overall thickness of 0.23mm with solder balls (CSP) allows to design modules for the thinnest mobile applications. The package allows to scale down the whole the complete module not just in size but also in cost.

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