Tuesday, November 06, 2018

TowerJazz Announces Automotive SPAD Parameters, LeddarTech Combines SPADs with CIS

GlobeNewswire: TowerJazz's 0.18um CIS SPAD platform offers an integrated solution with superb figures of merit. Its photon detection efficiency (PDE) is similar to, or better than, the leading stand-alone SPADs on the market. The dark count rate (DCR) is less than 100Hz/um^2 at 60°C and less than 1KHz/um^2 at 100°C (especially suited for automotive applications), and jitter of less than one nanosecond. This sophisticated platform also saves silicon, and therefore, reduces cost of mass production.

TowerJazz's 0.18um CIS SPAD process has been chosen by LeddarTech for its next generation automotive LiDAR solutions, combining CMOS image sensors and SPAD on the same chip. Integration of everything on the same chip is said to save silicon cost.

With our advanced CIS SPAD technology, we are able to provide groundbreaking manufacturing solutions for the growing LiDAR and automotive markets. We are pleased to work with LeddarTech, a true innovator in solid state-LiDAR technology,” said Avi Strum, TowerJazz SVP and GM, CMOS Image Sensor Business Unit.

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