Friday, November 02, 2018

ON Semi Reports Quarterly Results

SeekingAlpha: ON Semi earnings call gives few details about the company's image sensor business:

"Our momentum in automotive image sensors continues to accelerate. Key factors driving our growth in the automotive image sensor market are significant technology lead over competition and the industry’s most extensive product portfolio, giving customers more choices than before. With a complete line of image sensors, including one, two, and eight megapixels, we are the only provider of a complete range of pixel densities on a single platform for the next generation ADAS and autonomous driving applications.

Furthermore, with our recent acquisition of SensL we now have capability to provide LiDAR sensors in addition to image sensors, radar, and ultrasonic sensors. We are the only semiconductor supplier with capability to provide all four types of sensors for ADAS and autonomous driving. We believe that this capability will not only drive significant content for us but will also provide a key differentiating advantage to us as the automotive industry moves to sensor fusion architectures for ADAS and autonomous driving.

With recently introduced X-class image sensors, we expect to further strengthen our leadership in machine vision and robotics markets.

ON Semi also publishes a revenue dynamics comparison of its imaging business with other divisions:

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