Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Gait Recognition in China

Techcrunch, AP: Chinese AI startup Watrix has recently raised $14.5m to further develop its gait recognition technology that is supposed to complement a face recognition in security and surveillance cameras. The technology is already being used by police in Beijing and Shanghai where it can identify individuals even when their face is obscured or their back is turned.

Huang Yongzhen, the CEO of Watrix, said that its system can identify people from up to 50 meters away, even with their back turned or face covered. This can fill a gap in facial recognition, which needs close-up, high-resolution images of a person’s face to work.

You don’t need people’s cooperation for us to be able to recognize their identity,” Huang said in an interview in his Beijing office. “Gait analysis can’t be fooled by simply limping, walking with splayed feet or hunching over, because we’re analyzing all the features of an entire body.


  1. it sounds to me that the government of China will be able to monitor their people on the street as comprehensive as they can. It definitely can advance the public security in China, but on the other hand, it is also scaring me as not only your face but also your gait will be identified....

  2. But when there is something embarrassing to the government or the party, then suddenly all system is out of service...

  3. I would like to patent shoes with different heel heights, then it will change immediately my gait :)

    1. Randomly change height per step you walk. We could name it as F-22 stealth shoes. :)


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