Sunday, November 25, 2018

SiOnyx Camera Review

DPReview publishes a review of SiOnyx Aurora night vision camera with Black Silicon sensor. The conclusion is:

"Does the SiOnyx Aurora let me see things in the dark that I can't see with the unaided eye? Absolutely: the infrared sensitivity makes a big difference and, hence, my stress on the night vision capability of this device. The fact that you can also capture what you see is a plus. For me it was capturing Northern Lights, but I'm also looking forward to capturing surface lava flows in Hawaii, bioluminescence in Puerto Rico, as well as other phenomena around the world."


  1. Very, beautiful video. September 9 at Yellowknife was a full moon. Full moon + Aurora + Stars, give high illumination.
    Interesting to see the Aurora in the SWIR?

  2. the black silicon is not used in this image sensor.

    1. Are you sure? Many review sites say that the sensor is black silicon.

    2. There are many flavors of "black" that SiOnyx has developed during their time. This sensor does have a form of structured surface enhancement, as well as a CFA. It may not appear to the casual observer to be "black," however.

  3. I thought SiOnyx is (was? have they pivoted again?) supposed to be more about bandgap engineering than structured surface enhancements. This would normally be increasing their NIR sensitivity, especially past 1200nm Si limit. That then would be useful for NIR imaging, including under night glow. Not at all sure how that helps with capturing auroras. I don't expect their performance in visible range to be any better than regular good silicon pixel. How much more QE can you get?


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