Monday, November 19, 2018

Dual-Gate Organic Phototransistor for Image Sensing

Nature publishes a paper "Dual-gate organic phototransistor with high-gain and linear photoresponse" Philip C. Y. Chow, Naoji Matsuhisa, Peter Zalar, Mari Koizumi, Tomoyuki Yokota, and Takao Someya from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Holst Centre (The Netherlands), and University of Tokyo.

"The conversion of light into electrical signal in a photodetector is a crucial process for a wide range of technological applications. Here we report a new device concept of dual-gate phototransistor that combines the operation of photodiodes and phototransistors to simultaneously enable high-gain and linear photoresponse without requiring external circuitry. In an oppositely biased, dual-gate transistor based on a solution-processed organic heterojunction layer, we find that the presence of both n- and p-type channels enables both photogenerated electrons and holes to efficiently separate and transport in the same semiconducting layer. This operation enables effective control of trap carrier density that leads to linear photoresponse with high photoconductive gain and a significant reduction of electrical noise. As we demonstrate using a large-area, 8 × 8 imaging array of dual-gate phototransistors, this device concept is promising for high-performance and scalable photodetectors with tunable dynamic range."

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