Monday, July 02, 2012

CMOSIS 12MP/150fps GS Sensor Enters Mass Production

Electronics Weekly: CMOSIS announces its 12MP/150fps CMV12000 enters mass production. It's 5.5um GS pixels use CMOSIS proprietary 8T architecture. The peak QE is claimed to be more than 60% resulting in 4.64V/lux.s response in combination with DR of 60dB. Operating temperature range of the 143pin PGA device is -30 to +70°C, and both monochrome and RGB variants are in production today.

At full 150fps speed, full pixel resolution, and 10bit ADC resolution, the 64 LVDS outputs are running at 300Mbit/s each, and power dissipation is 3W.

CMV12000 was first announced in November 2010 and at that time was aimed to deliver 300fps at 10-bit ADC resolution or 180fps in 12-bit ADC mode.


  1. Mass production? Or just production?

  2. Replies
    1. Actually, the just published CMOSIS PR talks about mass production:

    2. Mass production ... It is a relative term right? :)

    3. Yes, relative to a million units or so per year.

  3. Why no 300fps?


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