Friday, July 06, 2012

Polight Lens Supported by Driver Chip from Semtech

Business Wire: Polight TLens apparently needs driving voltage in range of -16V to 30V. Semtech SX8750 single-chip charge pump makes this voltage out of 2.65-3.6V supply with no external inductors or flying capacitors.

Christian Dupont, CEO of poLight, said, "Besides the integrated charge pump that provides sufficient voltage to activate the TLens, Semtech’s driver’s main features are its small size, low power and optimized performance, which are essential factors when combined with poLight TLens."

The SX8750 is sampling now and will be available in September in production quantities of 3,000-piece lots.

The driver's feature list:

  • 2.65 - 3.6 V supply, -16 V to +30 V differential output
  • Low power with less than 5mW averaged in active mode and with 1 uA listen mode current consumption
  • Small form factor: CSP 0.8x1.6x0.5mm
  • No coil or flying capacitor required for minimal total solution area
  • I2C controlled 10 bit differential DAC for precise focus
  • Low Interference thanks to lowest current consumption
  • Allows for 1 ms settling time with TLens


  1. he can reuse what has been developped for Varioptic :)

  2. Possible Ways to Integrate the TLens in a Threaded Barrel:

  3. What is the z-thickness of the assembly that is clipped onto the lens?


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