Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shanghai Motion Technology Presents Gaming Console with Gesture Control

Kotaku reports from this year’s China Joy gaming expo that Shanghai Motion Technology company presented i-move gaming console with gesture control powered by a Kinect-like 3D camera:


The 3D camera looks quite similar to Softkinetic's DepthSense 311:

Softkinetic DepthSense 311

According to the spokesperson at the i-move China Joy booth, the i-move is expected to go on sale later this year with a price tag around $US500.


  1. The camera IS a SoftKinetic DepthSense 311.

  2. Well, yet another announcement that SoftKinetic is going to launch their Technology... After all those announcements for the eedoo console I am not convinced...

  3. association (+1) + (+1) > (+2)
    association (-1) + (-1) < (-2)


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