Monday, July 02, 2012

Eedoo Sales Disappoint

Kotaku: The Lenovo backed company eedoo, the maker of China's Kinect-like gesture recognition game console, the CT-510, has fired their head of marketing over dismal first month sales.

According to Chinese-language Tencent games news channel, the CT-510, which has been out since late May, has had terrible sales mostly due to the lack of advertising, marketing and its exorbitant $600 price tag.

Tencent also reports that while eedoo was able to attain funding for their initial launch they have been having problems drumming up extra funding. As it looks right now eedoo maybe facing some problems other than just financing. Reports from the State Intellectual Property Office also show that eedoo's claims of having mostly proprietary technology in their CT-510 to be a farce.

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