Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fraunhofer Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection

Fraunhofer Institute announces International Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection to be held in Jena, Germany on Nov. 27-29, 2012. The list of invited speakers is very impressive:

Pierre Craen / polight, France
Millisecond focusing speed open new applications for classical mobile phone camera modules

Chris Dainty / National University of Ireland, Ireland
Adaptive Optics

Palle Dinesen / Kaleido Technology ApS, Denmark
A novel approach to wafer-level camera lenses: the all-glass solution

Ed Dowski / Ascentia Imaging Inc., USA
Integrated Systems Approach to SWaP/Cost Minimization for Information Gathering Systems

Jacques Duparré / Pelican Imaging Corp., USA
Computational Array Cameras for the Smartphone Market

Todor Georgiev / Qualcomm, USA
Plenoptic Superresolution

Flavien Hirigoyen / ST Microelectronics, France
FDTD opto-electrical methodology applied to CMOS image sensor: from QE to white light

Ryoichi Horisaki / Osaka University, Japan
Computational TOMBO imaging and its applications

Bernd Jähne / University of Heidelberg, Germany
Plenoptic Image Processing

Andreas Kraft / DELO Industrial Adhesives, Germany
Challenges in the development of UV curing adhesives for Micro optical applications

Andrew Lumsdaine / Indiana University, USA
Plenoptic Camera Resolution

Christian Perwass / Raytrix GmbH, Germany
Microoptics for a Monocular 3D Camera

Markus Rossi / Heptagon Advanced Micro-Optics, Singapore
Wafer-Level Optics for Advanced Imaging

Zouhair Sbiaa / Nemotek Technologies S.A., Morocco
High Performance, Cost Effective Wafer Level Cameras for Consumer Products

Reinhard Völkel / SUSS MicroOptics SA, Switzerland
Array Optics

Ralf Waldhäusl / JABIL Sypro Optics GmbH, Germany
New Applications for Miniaturized projection engines

Yosef Yuval / Intel, Inc., Israel
Consumer cameras: a declining or a growth market?

Kunio Yoshida / AJI Co., USA
Ultrathin Lens Fabrication by Casting Method

The paper submissions are still open up to a deadline on this Friday, July 20. However, I was told that post-deadline submissions are still welcomed. The submissions and participants can be from all related fields, including microoptics technology & system design, projection systems, computational optics/photography, light field acquisition and distance measurement/depth cameras.

Thanks to AO for sending me the info!


  1. In addition to the impressive speaker list, the paper titles sound exciting too. I want to read the papers now. Millisecond focus speed? All-glass wafer-level camera lenses? Plenoptic superresolution (the bane of plenoptic cameras) - all interesting topics.

  2. Albert TheuwissenJuly 17, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    At exactly the same dates, there will be a sensor-related/radiation-related workshop in Toulouse, France. It a pitty that two interesting workshops fully run in parallel.

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