Monday, July 16, 2012

Nippon Signal Laser Ranging Imager

Nippon Signal offers its laser ranging imager based on MEMS scanning mirror and a single avalanche photodiode:

"The laser beam is emitted and received by using MEMS-scanner “ECO SCAN”. The right figure shows that the laser beam is emitted in direction A and is received through the same path. The avalanche photodiode(APD) receives little ambient light because the APD receives the light in direction A only."

The image sensor is able to operate at 200,000 lux ambient light at distances 0.3-5m (12% target reflection) and resolutions of 43×25 at 20fps or 100×60 at 4fps. The 3-sigma accuracy is +/-75mm at 5m distance and 12% target reflectivity. The timing resolution is 30ps. The company's Youtube video shows the sensor capabilities:


  1. So 46us is needed to make each point measureme...

  2. Can someone imagine which market should be adressed by this sensor? Blur motion may be a problem in industrial and automotive applications.


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