Monday, July 23, 2012

Ion Torrent Genomic Sequencer Registered to Compete for $10M Prize

MarketWire: Ion Torrent image sensor-like technology gives a good chance for Life Technologies Corp. to win $10M Archon Genomics X PRIZE for being the first to sequence 100 whole human genomes at a cost of $1,000 or less each, a standard never before achieved.

Ion Torrent pH-sensor detects chemical signals and directly translates them into digital domain, similar to CMOS imager that directly translates photons into electrons.

More about the Ion Torrent technology is in pictures and Yotube videos below:

Ion Torrent uses a high-density array of micro-machined wells
to perform this biochemical process in a massively
parallel way. Each well holds a different DNA template. Beneath
the wells is an ion-sensitive layer and beneath that
a proprietary Ion sensor.


  1. Ion Torrent 'entered' the competition. They haven't won anything yet.

    1. Thanks! I've mis-interpreted the PR. The post is corrected.

  2. Why is this news worthy of this blog?

  3. In the semiconductor technology of DNA sequencing company Ion Torrent uses disposable CMOS pH-sensors, similar to the image sensor. The volume of their sales in the coming years can surpass the sales of image sensors.

  4. I doubt it...sequencing (even as a disposable) exceeding what is soon to be 2-3B CIS devices/year?

    1. Depending on the resolution Ion Torrent sensors cost $500 a chip. At that price they do not need to sell too many to eclipse the whole image sensor market.

  5. I see. Another "huge" multi-billion dollar market just about to happen.

  6. The cost of pH-sensors

    For PGM (Personal Genome Machine) sequenser:
    Ion 314 (1152x1380, 1,5 Mp) - 99$;
    Ion 316 (2640x2736, 7,2 Mp) - 299$;
    Ion 318 (13 Mp) - 500$.

    For Ion Proton (coming soon):
    Proton I (165 Mp) - ?;
    Proton II (660 Mp) - ?.


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