Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sony Pitches its Shareholders over Stacked Sensors

Sony annual report has a special section on stacked image sensors. The stacked sensors are presented as the next evolution step, right after BSI:

Sony says "it focuses on introducing an era of “Super Reality” surpassing human vision, Sony will continue to lead the digital imaging world by ensuring the industry´s highest quality and most advance."

The first picture of a stacked sensor in comparison with other Sony products:

A nice graph showing Sony capacity expansion and future plans:

And two nice market size graphs:

Another Sony annual report pitch is the expanding the world of 4K video.

Update: As Imaging Resource reports, Olympus uses Sony sensor in its OM-D E-M5 DSLR - says something about Sony market adoption.


  1. Do they mean stacked like the Foveon sensors?

  2. See Sony explanation in the article:

    "In place of the supporting substrate used in conventional back-illuminated CMOS image sensors, this groundbreaking new image sensor layers the pixel section containing formations of back-illuminated structure pixels onto chips containing the circuit section for signal processing. Fabrication of this structure requires state-of-the-art precision in semiconductor process technology."

  3. Who will buy Renesas Tsuruoka 12inch Fab? Sony or tsmc...?

  4. If this gives me 100% quantum efficiency and 0 read noise, I'm all for it.


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