Monday, August 20, 2012

2ps-Time Resolving Camera

TED published MIT Ramesh Raskar's talk about his 2ps exposing camera on Youtube:

More pictures from the 2ps camera are at MIT site. Thanks to EF for the link!


  1. It is misleading to call this a trillion FPS camera because it is unable to capture continuously at that speed. They shot the light millions of times through that bottle and took only one capture each time. By this logic I can call my DSLR a 10000-frame camera since it can do 1/10000s exposure.

  2. It is not misleading, it is just wrong.

    Nevertheless, it is a very nice technical feat using existing technology and some additional image reconstruction software. And the images are something to marvel at.

  3. It is correct to call a camera setup that produces a trillion fps video sequence a "trillion fps camera" It is not the sensor that defines what is a camera and what it can do.

    1. Nicely said, the devil is in the details!


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