Monday, August 13, 2012

Pixart Forecasts its Sales Growth

Digitimes quotes Pixart's chairman Huang Sen-huang saying that the company expects its revenues to grow 40-50% sequentially in Q3 2012 as demand for IC parts for optical finger mice (OFM) and gaming consoles will enter its traditional peak season. The OFM chip sales are likely to record a 40-50% sequential growth, while those for gaming consoles are expected to increase four-fold buoyed by demand from Nintendo, according to Huang. Sales of chips to Nintendo will account for 17-20% of Pixart's total revenues in the Q3, compared to 5% in the previous quarter.

Pixart has reached a cross-licensing agreement with Avago on production of chips for OFM and will see sales of Avago OFM chips to start contributing to Pixart's sales growth in Q3 2012.

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  1. Any one knows the detail of their optical finger mouse please?


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