Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Scale's AF Motor Uses TDK-EPC Multi-Layer Piezoelectrics

New Scale Technologies patented its reduced-voltage piezoelectric AF motor and drive system, capable of operating directly from battery voltage as low as 2.3 VDC. With no need for boost circuits the system size and component cost is reduced. The low-voltage motor is said to be more than five times smaller than commercial electromagnetic linear motor systems and uses 40% less power, while delivering competitive force and range of motion.

The latest version replaces the original SQUIGGLE motor’s monolithic piezoelectric elements with advanced multi-layer piezoelectric elements from TDK-EPC to achieve the reduced operating voltage. The NSD-2101 drive circuit was developed in partnership with ams using New Scale’s control algorithms to increase motor efficiency and refine the motor control capabilities.

U.S. patent # 8,217,553 was issued July 10, 2012 to inventors Qin Xu, David Henderson and Daniele Piazza.

The reduced-voltage SQUIGGLE micro motor
and drive ASIC are displayed by Daniele Piazza,
co-inventor with Qin Xu and David Henderson of
the newly patented technology.

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