Friday, August 10, 2012

Himax Reports Q2 2012 Results

Himax released Q2 2012 earnings report. The company's CEO Jordan Wu says in the earnings call transcript:

"...CMOS image sensors and wafer level optics were among the non-driver products which delivered outstanding sequential growth.

...We delivered a decent sales growth in CMOS image sensor in the second quarter thanks to some early shipments of our 1 megapixel products which were taken by customers to manufacture the new generation notebook PCs with the Windows 8 operating system. As many of you are aware, 1 mega-pixel, or HD, sensor is replacing the 300,000-pixel VGA sensor to become the mainstream for notebook PCs after Windows 8. However, with the delay of Windows 8 launch from Q3 to Q4, we are seeing a sudden and drastic demand slow-down for our 1 mega-pixel sensor during Q3. Given our design-wins with a number of tier-one notebook names, we expect such demands to resume in Q4 and accelerate in next year, assuming Windows 8 is launched in Q4 as most people now expect.

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