Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Teledyne Uses Berkeley DA FastSpice for Image Sensor Design

Business Wire: Berkeley Design Automation has grown a significant user base recently. About a year ago Berkeley DA announced that Altasens and Forza are using its FastSpice simulator. Now Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has selected the company’s Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Platform for block-level characterization and full-circuit verification of their image sensor designs.

The AFS Platform is said to deliver SPICE accuracy 5x-10x faster on a single core and >2x faster on multicore systems versus any other simulator. For circuit characterization, the AFS Platform includes device noise analysis and delivers near-linear performance scaling with the number of cores. For large circuits, it's said to deliver >10M-element capacity, the fastest near-SPICE-accurate simulation, and the fastest, most accurate mixed-signal simulation.

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