Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kasalis Announces Pixid 300 Pro Availability

Kasalis announces the release of its Pixid 300 line of fully automated camera module assembly and test systems, featuring its active alignment technology. The Pixid 300 Pro and Pixid 300 Test models are now available for shipment.

"The increasing demands for improved image quality in mobile cameras has transformed the camera module industry, which now needs a cost-effective solution to meet the higher level of precision required in the alignment process," said Justin Roe, president of Kasalis. "The Pixid 300 Pro is a clear breakthrough that is changing the cost-benefit equation of active alignment for the whole industry. We have created a disruptive technology – the Pixid 300 Pro performs pre-dispense tests, adhesive dispense, dispense verification, active alignment, UV cure, and post-alignment tests all within 15 seconds, with a throughput of over 240 units per hour, and all for very competitive pricing."

The Pixid 300 Pro model is a fully automated manufacturing system featuring active alignment, customizable optical testing options, Adaptive Intelligence SPC, and automated adhesive dispense and UV cure. Each stage of assembly is performed in parallel to obtain the fastest possible throughput time. Adaptive Intelligence is a software suite that is embedded in the Pixid systems and improves the alignment process by using the machine feedback to improve its algorithms, thereby attaining faster speeds and improved yields. In addition to the Pixid 300 Pro, the series includes the Pixid 300 Test model, which is intended purely for the automated functional testing of camera modules.

The Pixid 300 series systems are designed for high volume production of camera modules such as those used in smartphones, automotive applications, webcams, medical imaging, and security cameras. Kasalis has designed all of the Pixid systems to solve industry challenges, provide easy upgrading and maintenance through modular parts, and to align a camera lens to a sensor in up to six degrees of freedom to obtain the best possible focus quality across the entire image sensor. As technology in mobile electronics advances, camera modules assembled with precision alignment are increasingly important.

Pixid 300 Pro


  1. These guys are scammers...left the company that developed this technology...thinking they can rip it off - what a bunch of LOSERS.

    1. If this is true, why the company that developed this tech does not sue them?

  2. Vlad,

    As I understand it, AEI did sue & the suit was lost - dismissed WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE. It also appears as if Kasalis has a far more modular approach, lower lead times and about ½ the price.
    So, some people cannot get along & separate. A case is tried and settled in court. Seems like water under the bridge to me.


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