Thursday, November 29, 2012

PMD and Mesa ToF Cameras Comparison

Open access Remote Sensing journal published a nice paper comparing PMD's CamCube3.0 and Mesa Imaging's SR-4000 ToF cameras and also giving a nice background on other ToF solutions:

SR-4000 and CamCube3.0 Time of Flight (ToF) Cameras: Tests and Comparison
Dario Piatti and Fulvio Rinaudo
DITAG, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy

The paper starts with a nice table filled with parameters of many ToF cameras, both historical and available now on the market:

The influence of camera warm-up on distance measurement is analyzed: a warm-up of 40 minutes is suggested to obtain the measurement stability, especially in the case of the PMD's CamCube3.0. Depth accuracy tests have shown similar numbers of of order of millimeters for both cameras.

Mesa's SR-4000 is on the left, PMD's CamCube3.0 on the right.
Question mark means the accuracy has not been measured yet.

Via Vision Systems Design.


  1. wow... you publish very old the way: 3DV was sold to Microsoft about 3 years ago :-) and PMD has currently framerate of more than 160fps ;-)

    1. Not only 3DV. Canesta was sold too. Optrima is a part of Softkinetic now.
      Some newer ToF startups, like Odos Imaging are not in the table at all. But the paper itself is dated by April 2012, not so old. I'd guess it took researches some time to collect the data and digest it, so the recent developments are not covered.


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