Wednesday, November 07, 2012

PMD, Bluetechnix Announce 160fps ToF Camera

PMD´s partner Bluetechnix presents 3D ToF camera equipped with PMD PhotonICs 19k-S3 TOF 3D chip. The Argos3D-P100 camera captures depth picture at a resolution of 160x120 pixels with up to 160fps speed - claimed to be the highest framerate available for ToF cameras.


  1. They posted a video on YouTube showing the features of this camera:

  2. Does someone found something about the measuring distance?

  3. 3D TOF cameras are typically measuring some meters with depth resolutions around/below 1cm (depending on the conditions, reflectivity, other light sources, ...). I tested some PMD cameras, this is what they achieve, also in presence of interfering light.


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