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Workshop on Radiation Effects in Optoelectronic Detectors

2nd Workshop on Radiation Effects in Optoelectronic Detectors is to be held on November 28-29, 2012 in Toulouse, France, co-organised by CNES, ASTRIUM, THALES ALENIA SPACE, SODERN, ISAE. The program has papers devoted to radiation damage in CCD and CMOS senosrs:

Investigations on performance of Electron Multiplied CCD detectors (EMCCDs) after radiation for observation of low light star-like objects in scientific space missions
H. Michaelis, T. Behnke, S. Mottola, A. Krimlowski, German Aerospace Center, DLR, Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin (Germany), A. Holland, XCAM Ltd, Northampton, (UK), M. Schmid, Ingenieurbüro Schmid, Berlin (Germany)

The GAIA Radiation test campaigns: an historical review
D. Marchais, ASTRIUM SAS

A Comparison of Radiation Damage in CCDs From a Number of Flight Programmes
P. Jerram, E2V technologies

In-Orbit Results from CNES Satellite CCDs
A. Bardoux, A. Penquer, O. Gilard, R. Ecoffet, CNES, M. Auvergne, LESIA

Response of 3T and 4T Multi-Variant CMOS Image Sensors to Proton Radiation
A. Pike, J. Pratlong E2V Technologies

New Radiation Test Results on HAS2 CMOS Image Sensor
D. Hervé, M. Beaumel, SODERN, D. Van Aken, ON Semiconductor

Dark current degradation of a 5T 0.18µm e2v CMOS image sensor under gamma and proton irradiation
T. Nuns, J.P. David, ONERA, E. Martin, O. Gilard, CNES

CMOS monolithic sensors for vertex detector applications: TID effects and bulk damage study
L. Ratti, S. Zucca, Università di Pavia and INFN Pavia, L. Gaioni, INFN Pavia, G. Traversi, Università di Bergamo and INFN Pavia, S. Bettarini, G. Rizzo, Università di Pisa and INFN Pisa, F. Morsani, INFN Pisa, L. Bosisio, I. Rashevskaya, Università di Trieste and INFN Trieste

Radiation Effects in CMOS Image Sensor Isolation Oxides: Differences and Similarities with Thermal Oxides
M. Gaillardin, C. Marcandella, M. Martinez, P. Paillet, S. Girard, CEA DAM DIF, V. Goiffon, P. Magnan, M. Estribeau, ISAE, Image Sensor Research Team

Radiation Effects on Pinned Photodiode CMOS Image Sensors: Overview of Pixel Performance Degradation Due to Total Ionizing Dose
V. Goiffon, M. Estribeau, O. Marcelot, P.Cervantes, P. Magnan, P. Martin-Gonthier, R. Molina, F. Corbière, ISAE, Image Sensor Research Team, M. Gaillardin, S. Girard, P. Paillet,C. Marcandella, CEA DAM DIF, C. Virmontois, (Formerly at ISAE, now at CNES)

Recent radiation testing on 180 nm and 110 nm CMOS Image Sensor processes
J. Bogaerts, K. Van Wichelen, E. Gillisjans, G. Lepage, G. Meynants, CMOSIS nv

Displacement Damage Effects on Pinned Photodiode CIS
C. Virmontois, A. Bardoux, CNES, V. Goiffon, P. Magnan, F. Corbière, ISAE, Image Sensor Research Team, S. Girard, CEA DAM DIF

Single Event Effects in CMOS Image Sensors
V. Lalucaa, V. Goiffon, P. Magnan, ISAE, Image Sensor Research Team, G. Rolland, S. Petit, CNES

Vulnerability of CMOS image sensors in megajoule class laser harsh environment
P. Paillet, S. Girard, O. Duhamel, J.-L. Bourgade, S. Darbon, A. Rousseau, CEA, DAM, DIF, V. Goiffon, A. Chabane, P. Magnan, P. Cervantes, P. Martin-Gonthier, M. Estribeau, ISAE, Image Sensor Research Team, J. Baggio, CEA CESTA, V. Yu. Glebov, G. Pien, and T. C. Sangster, LLE, University of Rochester

Development of radiation tolerant EUV detectors and hybrid imagers
P. de Moor, IMEC

Specific tools developed for radiation tests at cryogenic temperature
A. Le Paih, F. Perrier, SOFRADIR

Radiation results on cooled infrared detectors
F. Perrier, A. Le Paih, SOFRADIR

Radiation testing of the MSI and Proba-V linear arrays
J. Vermeiren, Xenics

Evaluation of InGaAs array detector suitability to space environment
L. Tauziède, K. Beulé, M. Boutillier, F. Bernard, CNES, J. L. Reverchon, Alcatel-Thales-III-V Lab, A. Buffaz, Pléiades technologies

Prototype ASIC development for space large format NIR/SWIR detector array
P. Gao, B. Dupont, B. Dierickx, Caeleste, G. Verbruggen, S. Gielis, EASICS

Roscosmos Test Facilities For Optoelectronic Devices Space Radiation Hardness Control
V. Anashin, G. Protopopov, P. Chubunov, A. Kozyukov, Institute Of Space Device Engineering

The Development of Displacement Damage Test Guidelines for Imaging Devices
M. Robbins, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

The workshop also has few tutorials:

Space Radiation Environment
Robert Ecoffet, CNES

Degradation mechanisms and impact on performances: Total ionizing dose effects
Jean-Pierre David, Thierry Nuns, ONERA

Degradation mechanisms and impact on performances: Displacement damage effects
Christophe Inguimbert, ONERA

Registration is free of charge, but requires mandatory on-line registration (before November 23rd):

Thanks to AT for sending me the program!

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