Saturday, November 24, 2012

Samsung S5K3H5 CMOS Sensor Promo

Samsung published a Youtube promo of its 8MP, 1.4um pixel S5K3H5 sensor promo. The sensor is used in Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. The video goes through the sensor spec with the video illustrations in the background. Another feature of the video is the 1.9MP 1/6-inch 1.75um pixel front sensor S5K6A3:


  1. Do they use the empty fab line for CIS after Apple biz loss?

  2. I don't think they really lost any Apple biz and they are still #1, and growing. Meanwhile, who is this video aimed at? The only thing it seems to have accomplished is being posted here. 12 views so far, and I watched it twice...

    1. Youtube statistics usually lags by few days, so 12 views do not say much. As for the target audience, I asked it myself too. They give too many numbers for the general public, but too few tech details for those involved in the sensor and camera design.

  3. Is this video also taken by using highend DSC??


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