Friday, November 23, 2012

Leap Motion's Demos on Youtube

There are few new Leap Motion's gesture control videos appeared on Youtube. The videos are from different third party developers that Leap Motion kindly collected into a single playlist.

The first one shows finger recognition in action. The room is quite dark, hopefully it's not a system limitation:

The Quadrotor control works quite nicely. A delay is noticeable but it might come from mechanical stuff:

The pong game gesture control is shown in dark room too:


  1. How does it work? Is it stereo principle??

    1. So far they do not officially tell it.

    2. I see 3 LEDs, 2 cameras. Probably depth edges from each camera + stereo on them. You can build it in 2 hours probably.

  2. These demos look a lot less impressive than the clip from their annoucement in May. After all, this technology also obeys the laws of nature, and it is not completely free of noise or latency.

  3. It is shape from shading. Please see command in

  4. My guess:
    1. the 2 cameras capture the close objects illuminated by the IR LEDs
    2. the background is removed by simple gray level thresholding because it is far away
    3. stereomatch the detected objects to get the distance

    Because the objects are few, so the matching speed is high. Because there is no missed objects, so the matching order is fexed.

    -yang ni


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