Thursday, August 29, 2013

Intel PerC Goes On

The Times of Israel: Intel CVP Mooly Eden presentated "Perceptual Computing" (Per-C) project progress in Israel last month. "Gestures, voice, and facial expressions — the natural things that God gave you — those are intuitive," said Eden, and it’s Intel’s aim to integrate those capabilities into computing experiences.

More than a dozen entrepreneurs showed off their Per-C programming skills at Intel Israel’s first Perceptual Computing Hackathon at Intel’s Haifa campus last month. Participants were given 48 hours to come up with a Per-C application that makes use of the Intel Per-C toolkit, incorporating use of the Creative 3D cameras distributed to each team along with voice commands via a microphone. Intel also plans a Perceptual Computing Challenge, a worldwide contest which will feature over 700 projects presented in San Francisco this September.

"People may not realize how close Intel is to this revolution, but some of the applications that were on display at the Hackathon are good examples of what we will soon see as everyday uses for this technology," an unnamed Intel spokesperson said. An official Intel's Youtube video shows some of these capabilities:

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