Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Almalence Shows its Super-Resolution Zoom Technology

Almalence implements a software-based super resolution zoom for Huawei’s Ascend P2 and Ascend P6 smartphones, SHARP’s new devices and several Korean and Taiwanese mobile phone makers. Almalence’s Super Resolution Zoom is a multi-frame technology, whith added benefit of noise reduction in low light conditions.

Huawei Ascend P2 is said be be the first device with super resolution zoom
on the market. These comparison photos were taken at MWC 2013
where P2 was presented. (Left: usual zoom; right: super resolution zoom)
“Spilled coins” (aka “Dead Leaves”) chart taken with Huawei P6 mobile phone
(illuminance: 150 lux). Normal 2x zoom vs Super Resolution 2x Zoom.
MTF30 measurement with ImaTest shows 1.9x effective resolution increase.
Images taken with Huawei P6 mobile phone under low light (20 Lux):
Normal 2x zoom versus Super Resolution 2x Zoom

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