Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pelican Imaging VP on Coverity Tools

Pelican Imaging's VP of Engineering Purnam Sheth talks about Coverity tools in the company's testing processes (part 1, part 2, part 3):

In an unrelated news, Pelican Imaging's PCT patent application WO2013119706 "Systems and Methods for Extending Dynamic Range of Imager Arrays by Controlling Pixel Analog Gain" by McMahon Andrew, Kenneth John, Gallagher Paul, and Venkataraman Kartik has been published. The company proposes to change the AFE gain according to the pixel value to extend the DR:


  1. I don't see how this method increases dr by much. Doing this with AG manipulation is by no means innovative and in my opinion will result in tone-mapped image with out much difference from a pure software HDR engine.

  2. There have been several works on adapting pixel gain according to the pixel output signal. See aptina dual gain pixel and aptinas' paper at IISW11 with column level gain adaptive amplifiers or back to 2003 the work of Kawahito..

  3. The patent system is screwed.
    Auto pixel gain selection integrated on a detector is 1990s technology. How innovative is this? Take a light field detector, add a dynamic range extension technology that was obvious 2 decades ago. Call it new. Get a legally enforcible monopoly on that combination.

    1. There are many leaks in the international & national patent systems. It is linked to the fact that all pending patents are examined by humans.

      Fortunately if a patent is considered having been improperly granted, that's not a deadend you can break the abusive monopoly: a court can revise the examination and dismiss the patent.


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