Sunday, August 18, 2013

XMC Develops BSI Sensors with TSVs

Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design reviews China foundry business. Talking about Wuhan, Hubei province-based XMC fab - one of the newest foundries that used to be managed by SMIC till 2013, the article says:

XMC is expanding its efforts by entering the CMOS image sensor foundry business. XMC’s process makes use of BSI technology and TSVs. "We’re doing TSV and face-to-face bonding," says Walt Lange, XMC SVP of Sales and Marketing. "We have put oxide bonding and copper-via bonding technologies into production."

XMC's business model is quite different from other foundries:

"Unlike traditional foundry models, XMC is redefining how companies can work in collaboration with their manufacturing partner. Our technology solutions are not ‘off the shelf’. We provide highly optimized and customized services to meet our partners’ unique needs.

We are strategically positioning XMC as the partner of choice to develop tailored technologies for those companies that wish to have an extremely close relationship and priority access from their manufacturing partner. The result is much more of a ‘win-win’ for both sides in the relationship.

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